What is a random act of kindness?


"Doing something for someone without expecting anything in return". -AK

"Getting out of myself and in to others - unconditionally". - JS

"Helping out others". -JL     ~     "To be practiced everyday". -NJ

"Doing something ice for someone that you normally would do". -VF

"Kindness done with no thought of why". -KG



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Our goal at Random Acts of Kindness Cards is to promote well-being in our world.  We teach people to not just adopt a positive attitude but to also share it.

Be a blessing to others.  Edify.  Lift up.  Love.

There are so many ways we can show compassion and help others.  Our specialty is through the power of an unexpected greeting card!  Check out the testimonials page for inspiring stories of how cards can change the world.



Send A Card!

Greeting cards are a lost art... The thrill of opening the mailbox and finding something other than a bill or advertisement is almost lost in our world!  When you join the RAK Revolution you can express your kindness in whatever way you want, but if greeting cards interest you, your first card is free (even the postage),,,


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Kindness... it's FREE!

Paying for the meal of the car behind you in the drive-through...  Giving your jacket or shoes to a homeless person... Helping a stranded motorist change a tire... these are often what we think of when we hear "Random Act of Kindness".  But it can be so much more!  And it doesn't have to cost anything.


I'll tell you a little secret:  KINDNESS IS FREE!

Share a smile!  Hold a door open!  Say "hello"!  Pick up a piece of litter! Whisper a little prayer!  Give a flower from your garden!  Send a "thinking of you" greeting card!  Use your imagination to find a way... today!